1. I saw groups I can join by paying, Premium , Master, VIP
Is there a specific one that I need to buy to get the bf3 hacks?

2. After I pay for the hacks and play with them . Can I still use them even after the the time is up for my purchase, or do I have to pay again to be able to use the hacks I already downloaded the first time I payed?

3.I saw a lot of options in the aimbot hack.
If I use somthing like fixed bullet drop and nothing else, does it decrease my chance of being banned? is there a specific option that is really risky to use?

4. If I use the hacks only on servers without PB , can I still get banned?

5. I saw there is a discount for those who got banned , so they could buy a new bf3 cd key for a lower price.
how much lower is this price?

Thanks in advance :]