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    Admin edit.

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    You have been with us long enough to know that open posting of other VIP sites is not allowed.
    Please do not post such questions or comparisons in the future.

    It is well known by those who watch what is posted (staff watch all day), as per what is said by others.
    We have a working relationship with all VIP sites and share information such as detections, bans, and other important business related issues.

    It is not something that FPS or other site openly condones in a post.
    This again is something you should already know.

    Your inquires on our site and any of the other 7+ VIP sites have been queried and logged, please do not force the issue.

    If your posts continue in the same path as they are at now, your access here and at other sites we keep a cordial exchange with will be terminated

    .... Because of the nature of this post, it will be closed at this time, as it is not an open topic of conversation on either sites.
    If you are at the other site,m the you know this to be true.. for I am definitely at the other site(and many more) and know myself it is true!!


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