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    Attn: de.bug (AVA HK/Taiwan Server)

    Hi. I am a new VIP member to this site and thanks for all the good works. I know this has been discussed long ago about coding other countries AVA clients. I read your post back in 2009 saying you couldnt even read the site and download the client. I play in both US server and HK/Taiwan server. HK/Taiwan server started to run about one year ago and if you notice…there are more players on the server as it is newer comparing to US server. I am offering help in downloading the programs you need or translating them into english. I believe it wouldnt be too hard for you to code the hack since you already have one for US server. I know I am not the only one requesting that, plus there are more people playing over there which gives potential in profit for the site. Please let me know if you would consider my suggestion and I am ready to help anytime. Thank you.

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    The hack will never be coded to work with that version of the game, as said in 2009.

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