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    Aida64 ( Free Edition )( Move If wrong Section Plz)

    This program monitors every thing on ur comp, accurately too, even has built in CPU, Memory and Disk benchmarks...and a built in CPU-Z lol

    Go here:
    Download this: AIDA64 Extreme Edition...."Trial version, self-installing EXE package"
    Apply one of these to make full version:

    ****edited serials out***

    If one of the serials doesn't work, just try another one. Not a good idea to let it update itself or even connect to the Internet. Might kill the serial number.

    Run AIDA64 and choose: File > Preferences...then use the images below, to "check mark" the necessary boxes for the items you want displayed on the OSD. When setting up the OSD (on screen display), you can set the: Font, color, Font Size and Label that shows on the OSD. You can also move the items you have checked, up and down the list, with the "Move Up" and the "Move Down buttons.

    For the GPU Temp, choose the plain GPU Diode, not the shader or memory ones.

    Further, once you have the OSD set up, you can right click it to open the OSD shown and choose: Configure to opem the "OSD items" page.
    You can also left click and drag it to anywhere on screen, to the side bar, and maybe to whatever they call the Task Bar in Win 7.

    Lastly go thru all the items on the LEFT see that this program really DOES monitor EVERYTHING.

    You can Customize it any way you choose i moniter all my temps without pesky windows gadgets.

    And that is my Used ram not total.

    Mods if wrong section please move.

    Have fun guys and enjoy.

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    Due to terms and services with paypal we cannot have pirated materials. I am forced to remove the serials, sorry :cry:

    moved to PC section.

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