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    Still awaiting activiation ID# 42**211120

    Starting to get a little concerned....

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    Re: Still awaiting activiation ID# 42**211120

    adhardin, please stick to your original thread. Opening multiple threads only causes confusion, gives us more threads to read, which slows things down.

    You have made a manual payment, which means that your payment must first be verified by an Admin and then they will set you up manually.

    It is clearly stated on the manual payment purchase page ......... "GIVE US 24 HOURS TO VERIFY AND SETUP!" It usually takes less time, but just so that you are aware.

    Your information has been posted to the attention of the Admins.
    They will respond back to your original thread once you have been verified and setup.

    Once they get you setup, go to Step 1 and follow the directions..........

    Welcome to FPSCheats. Enjoy your stay! 8)

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