I went to go order fpscheats subscription on my prepaid credit card , and I come to find that I had 19.46 left on it , and then I got a paypal error , even though I have enough between my paypal account balance and the credit card. It keeps telling me they they cannot verify that the card belongs to me :roll:

So , until I can go out and get myself a 25$ card , I'm stuck here.

I'm sorry i keep dropping by and telling you guys that I'm coming back soon! And then i never do , it dissapoints you guys as much as it annoys me that I cant be back do to one problem after another.

Right now I cant afford to come back , so i made up a resume and went and submitted about 15 at different places around my area so I can get a job and actually be here at fpscheats , becuase as much as I miss this place I can't financially sacrifice the funds at the moment , between paying to get my aunts car fixed ( She's an assistant Manager of a Mc.Donalds in Ontario) and my parents borrowing more then they should have from me ( :P ) I'm broke , the ~50$ that I have has to go towards my girlfriend for assorted dates and things that I must do for her :P

As soon as I get a job my first investment will be to come back here and be with you guys Maybe I'll discuss with hacker98 just getting a permanent sub-forum purchase that way even in-between rough spots I can still be here.