Support - Make a Cheat Video & Win Big!

Anyone who makes a video following the rules below will get a free 7 DAYS of hack time and if we have more than 20 videos a week we will give away $100 to the person with the most videos! Simply use some of your hack time to record a video, use our intro and make a great HD video. Then post it here. Make as many videos as you like, currently we don't have any set limit. The more you make the more free hack time you get! However, you MUST follow the rules below.

RULES TO GET FREE TIME (Rules can/may be modified at anytime by the admin)
- You can NOT reuse previously made videos, all footage MUST be new using the most up to date hack release.
- You must keep a valid membership on the site
- All videos must be at least 1:30 in length
- No videos longer than 2:00 minutes
- Video must be of you RAGING with the hack, showing it off in all it's glory
- Video must be produced in HD format only (see instructions below)
- All videos must use our intro movie - DOWNLOAD HERE -
See example of the intro movie here

- All videos must be uploaded to YOUTUBE
- Your video title must have "" somewhere in the title as well as the HACK NAME.
- Your video description must include the hack name and a link like this "" to the website
- Your video tags must include -, the hack name and any other titles or tags that will bring people to the site for that given hack.
- Once your video is uploaded simply place a link to it here under this post and an admin will award your free hack time! If some of the rules were not followed we will let you know.


1 Record your footage using fraps, I record at FULL SIZE/80FPS. Recording at this size really uses up a lot of hard drive space to be careful, the minimum FPS I would record at is 40.
Click image for larger version. 

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2 Once you’ve recorded all of you footage, go through it all and delete what you don’t want. Open Adobe After effects and go "Composition > New comp

3 Uncheck the "Lock Aspect ratio to 16:9"

4 Enter the width as 1280 and height as 720, this will ensure the correct resolution for youtube HD.
Click image for larger version. 

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5 Edit your video and make sure you use THIS on your video at the top so people can't steal your work. Okay, open the file you just downloaded, open it in After Effects, down the bottom near the time line, make sure the VIDEO is BELOW the 2 files listed, picture -
Click image for larger version. 

Name:	3.jpg 
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6 Now add all of your footage to After effects, add it BELOW the 2 layers so the logo is ONTOP on your footage, this will prevent people from copying your work. Once you’ve edited your footage and created it how you’d like it to be, go to the next step. (I DO NOT ADD MY MUSIC YET)

This is the OFFICIAL intro movie, please use it at the beginning of your cheat movies.

7 When rendering, if you want to include the game sounds in your work, or sound effects that you may have included, go up the top and click "Composition > add to render queue"
Click image for larger version. 

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8 Click on "lossless" which is next to "Output module"
Click image for larger version. 

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9 Click the box for "Audio output" (The other standard audio settings are fine.
Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	54

10 The movie now should now be wherever your output location is, it'll also be about 12gb – Don’t stress!
11 This is where the "not so good" windows movie maker comes in to the picture. Go to “Start > Windows Movie maker”
12 I mport your video and your music file. Add them to the timeline
13 Watch the movie with some popcorn and make sure it looks good to you.

14 Go to "File > Publish move > This computer > Next > MORE SETTINGS - "Windows media HD 720p (5.9 Mbps) > Publish" - Your movie will now be around 200mb
Click image for larger version. 

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15 Watch your video once it's finished to make sure the picture is good, if not, try again

16 Got to > Log in > Now upload your movie (It may take a while depending on your internet speed so be patient!)

17 Search through some of FPSCHEATS’ videos and copy the tags/video desktop (You can alter/add things if you wish) for the corresponding video.
18 Watch the movie again once it's uploaded and Enjoy! (At first it won't be HD, it takes 1-2hours AFTER the upload for the special "HD" button to appear, once it does, click it so it plays the movie in HD and check out the quality.

Click image for larger version. 

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