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    world of warcraft normal - wotlk cd key pack + more

    this is probably the cheapest item i've sold

    this is an account that contains:

    wotlk, burning crusade, regular WoW
    also includes:
    diablo 2
    diablo 2 lord of destruction
    diablo 2 lord of destruction (yes two of them!)

    i'm asking for a measely 15 dollars.
    let's do the math.

    diablo 2 = 3.50~ for the cd keys online.
    diablo 2 LoD is 5~ for the cd keys online. (theres two)

    thats 13.50 in itself.

    WoW has the regular for 20 dollars + bc which is 30 + wotlk which is 40. that's 90 dollars worth of keys all in one bundle.
    90+13.50= 103.50

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    selling accounts for any game is not allowed here.

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