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    BF3 Bans & Features

    Has this site been detected yet since release? Also i'm unsure about registering now for BF3 after the "look at enemy to kill them" hack. Surely this will just bring attention to your site and more bans? :-?

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    No we have not had any detections of our cheat.
    The code to implement the feature is on the pub cheats, those will be the ones that get the detections.
    It will draw no more attention to the site than we already have.

    Yes, the use of this feature will draw unwanted attention to the person who uses it if they do not wish to get banned from the game, but its use is up to the player, not the site.

    The feature has discrete options available with it as well.
    You can set it to the max and kill all yes, but you can also set it to only allow it to make the kill on a targeted enemy, or those in a particular set FOV, so its not all our nothing the way it has been coded

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