All you need is a hard drive and an OS to get this bad boy in action!

Price I paid for building this rig, $3130 + Shipping
Price I am asking, $2500

Part - Name - Worth - Added Worth

CPU: i7 990X 6 Cores, 12 Threads - $1000 - $1000
Motherboard: Gigabyte G1 Killer: Assassin - $380 - $1380
Graphics: EVGA GTX 580 3GB - $590 - $1970
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 6 X 4GB 2000MHz - $320 - $2290
Optical Drive: LG Bluray multi burner - $70 - $2360
Power: Corsair AX1200 - $300 - $2660
Case: Cooler Master HAF X Nvidia Edition - $220 - $2880
Extra: EVGA Hydro Copper 2 Waterblock (NEW) - $160 - $3040
Misc: Sleeved extentions & RAM cooler - $90 - $3130

Can sell w/o Graphics Card/Water Block for $1700

Comes with a 2-way & 3-way SLI bridge, also with a 2-way Xfire bridge.
All unused PSU cables will be included as well and I can ship the boxes for the parts if you pay the shipping.
The motherboard is 3-way SLI ready and 4-way crossfire ready.

This computer has had under a month of light use, just 4 benchmarks and about 20 hours of Skyrim as far as stress goes.
It's a champ but just TOO BIG! I am slimming down to a mATX chassis to save room, this full sized ATX XL is too much for what little space I have.
This guy stayed air cooled so I did not OC much (Just a bit when benchmarking but never ran 24/7 OC)

I am pretty firm on the price since it is so new (Have Invoices to prove it) so please don't low ball me.
I only want to sell to the States, but if you want to buy it and you are in another country you will pay ALL shipping fee's and I will not take responsibility if the computer is damaged by customs.
For people in the states, depending on the shipping price I can help pay shipping (if it's low enough I will pay for all shipping, except if you want the boxes.)

Any questions can be addressed here, otherwise you can PM me if you feel the need to.

Pictures of the build can be found at this link

Also note that this comes with one (1) graphics card, I am keeping 2 for my mATX build.

And if you do not plan on upgrading past what the case is I can swap out the AX1200 PSU and put an AX750 in it's place and adjust price.