K first, lets not make this a bashing of either or, plz! My question is shit where do i start. I use the pc for gaming and media watching. For awihle there i was really into OC hardware and ive been eyeballing the 2600k for a few months now. Im fightinig back and fourth in my head about the cost involved in switching from Amd to Intel. With my setup Im getting about average 77fps playing at 1920x1080 which i think is very decent right. I think i want the Intel for bench marking and OCing. Do you think the extra 50-100 fps (guessing) is worth the cost of switching?? Quick someone push me over the ledge!!! lol. Seriously though what's your thoughts?

If your curious
Windows 7 64
Cpu>955BE @3.8mhz
Asus m4a78t-3
2x2gig 1333mhz
6**0 1gig
OCZ 850watt