BF3/MW3 "competitive" clan. This clan will be based off Chemistry and based on Skill, Teamwork, Practice, Strategy, Awareness, Communication and Thinking 2 steps ahead of the enemy. I'm only looking for Competitive gamers (Not Casual or For Fun)

Starting a team from scratch is extremely hard and much work. Be 100% sure before you even tryout for our team you are prepared to give it your all! You MUST be a continuous active player of the team. (attend practices and tournaments when scheduled) Active players will be "cherry picked" and the rest kicked. Make sure if you join us you will be dedicated. Don't waste our time and especially yours.

- Microphone/Headset needed.

Looking for Members who - play every type of game mode, active every day, have a mic, communicate very well with squad,/and alway s the top player in every game played.
I don't care what your KD avg is, PUGs & Scrims are completely different.

PM me your IGN (Origin page) and/or Xfire.
[X] - Website: under construction
[ ] - BF3 Server - coming soon (when squad is up)
[ ] - MW3 Server - coming soon (when squad is up)
[X] - Voice Server: TS3

f you are interested in joining or just want more information on the clan then feel free to message me or drop a post below.