Battlefield 3 Cheats Hacks Aimbot
The FPSCHEATS Battlefield 3 Hack Has Been Released to All VIP Members. Rank Up Super Fast and Unlock All Your Weapons, Win Every Round and Destroy the Enemy Every Single Game. Our Battlefield 3 Hack Allows you to Always See the Enemy No Matter Where they Are Hiding.

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Full Feature List:
* Auto Aim
* Full No Spread, All bullets hit dead on center
* Full 360 FOV Aimbot, can even see behind you
* Bone Scan, Find a bone to hit when the player hides
* Aim key, Select and use any aimkey you want to use
* Choose from different Hitboxes to aim for; Head/Neck/Chest/Waist
* Select Enemies, Friends, or Everyone as your target.
* Smooth Aim, Slows the movement of the aimbot to look more like a natural player.
* Visibility Checks, Aimbot only locks on when player can be hit
* Knifebot with boneaim to target any area of the enemy
* Auto Pistol, Hold down the fire key and watch it auto unload
* Target by closest to distance or closest to crosshair
* Preferred Target Selection, Enter a soldier name or clan tag to turn those players bounding boxes yellow to hunt them down
* Friendly Target Skip, List the names of friends you don't want to kill

* Name Tags, Show names of all friendlies and enemies.
* Health Tags, Show health of all friendlies and enemies.
* Visual Tags, Shows an icon or frame around enemies to give away their position, even behind walls.
* Distance Tags, Show the distance between you and all friendlies and enemies.
* Smart Bounding Boxes, Enemy is red, RDX enemy is orange and anyone you want to take revenge on can be selected to have a yellow box

* Select from three varying distances to allow you to see the entire map.

2D Radar:
* Reveals enemy positions.
* Zoom feature

* Trigger Bot, Lets you be more discreet by only firing when your crosshair hovers over the enemy.
* Show FPS, Show how many frames per second your running
* Show Time, Display the current time in game
* Enemy Aim Warnings, Enemy name appears at top center when they aim at you
* Choose from any of the games crosshairs

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