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Thread: Windows 7

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    Windows 7

    So I downloaded the Windows Ultimate OS, and it was a WinRar folder.
    I extracted it all into one folder, and copied it to a disk.
    Did I do it correctly?
    Or do I copy each folder and file in that folder?

    So just to summarize:
    1. I have ONE folder.
    2. There's around 5 other folders and 4 files including set up and etc.
    3. I copied that ONE folder with all of it into a DVD.
    4. So I just put it intno the computer on my new hard drive.
    5. It will auto install or what?

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    ok it may work or it may not. i have been hacking win7 since it came out and most of the time that wont work unless the dvd-r or dvd-rw that you put it on is already bootable. the best way to do this is to download magic iso and burn it to the disc. but in order to d this you will need to build it into an iso and then make it bootable. your system will not boot the dvdrw unless you do it through a bootable iso. anoter way you could do it " which i prefer" is to get a usb drive "4gb+" and make it into a bootable usb drive then copy the files onto the usb drive. if you dont know how to make a bootable usb drive just google it, its alover the internet, very easy way to do it. also you will need to crack the windows BEFORE you install the updates or it may not stay activated.

    good luck

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